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The Benefits Of Riding A Fixed Gear Bike

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Though there is a wide range of bike types available in the market, the fixed gear bikes have its special charm. A fixie bike is great single speed bike that is extremely driver friendly and safe. These are nowadays becoming so popular that youngsters now often look for the Best fixed gear bikes for their mountain bike expeditions. Did you know that there are many health benefits to riding cycles? The link provides an insight into the health benefits of cycling.

The Cool Bike! Fixed gear bikes are increasingly becoming popular among the younger lot as it is often regarded as the cool bike! It has the perfect cool looks and provides the right riding experience loved by the youngsters. It gives the speed, thrill and energy youngsters look for in a bike. The speed can also be adjusted deftly and easily. The rear wheels cannot be locked, and hence it is the best option to ride on wet roads and pathways.

Fewer Parts Purchasing a mountain bike with many parts can be a real pain in the neck especially for youngsters who look for carefree options. Fixed gear bikes have fewer parts and hence are easier to maintain. It can also be balanced easily without even placing your foot down on the ground. You can just turn up the wheels in the front sideways and rock the cycle pedals backward or forward to balance it. This is known as track stand. The fixies can also easily go in the backward direction. So, it won’t be an issue to go backward and ride deftly through a traffic block.

Security Benefits As the fixie has very few parts, the chances of it getting stolen are also low. Also, an inexperienced person cannot ride it easily without crashing down. So, if a thief tries to steal your bike, they will only end up crashing the bike and falling.

The Ultimate Riding Experience! The fixed gear bikes give you the ultimate riding experience you had always longed for! It is the riders bike and shoots up the adrenaline as you deftly ride up and down the mountain trails. The rider and bike start developing a close bond and becomes unbearable if you are a riding enthusiast. You can never compare the riding experience of riding a car or a normal cycle. The decelerating techniques need some great efforts on the part of the rider. Hence, the rider starts developing techniques to counter the obstacles by changing the direction and not the speed. The rider learns to bob and waver up and down the trail and not just go in a single line. All these make riding a fixed gear bike one of the best riding experiences you can ever have!

Hence, choose the fixed gear bike if you are a fun-loving person who loves to go on adventurous bike rides! It is time to enjoy the fun and zest of life and not to sit brooding and opt for boring rides! Choose the best and choose the fixie! Enjoy life to the fullest and make your days adventurous with a fixie!

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