Factors To Consider While Buying A Cricket Bat

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In the game of cricket, cricket bats play a fundamental role in developing top quality cricket players. According to the experts at the Meulemans Cricket Centre which is considered to be the reputed cricketing store, playing with the wrong bat can be detrimental for the players while playing the game. For more information on this said topic, buyers can also browse www.wikihow.com the website before buying a new and branded cricket bat. Though road-side cricket players ignore the importance of the cricket bats professional and International players always choose the right size as well right weight cricket bat to play the game in a right way. Hence a buyer needs to consider various factors while buying a new cricket bat. This short write up is primarily written for these passionate buyers wherein few valuable tips are shared while replacing their old favorite bat with a new cricket bat.

When it comes to the matter of selecting the right cricket bat, the aspect of its material always counts for the professional players. In general, all the cricket bats are carved from the willow which is known to be a natural fibrous wood. Bat manufacturers use various types of willows and among them; the English Willow and Kashmir Willow are popular. Professional players always prefer the former type of its high-performance effect while striking the cricket ball that hits at various speeds.

On the other hand, bats that are made with Kashmir willow do not produce the same effect of the English willow. Manufacturers use this type for making low prices bats for the players who play the game at lower levels. Besides these two main types above referred, other types of carbon fiber and Titanium are being sold in the market. These elements are inserted into the handle in order to make the cricket bat lighter in the hands. Also, such insertions with these elements add extra reinforcement to the bats and increase the shock absorption in the handle while hitting the cricket all.

A buyer should also know some of the salient features of the cricket bats. Professional players always focus on these features while choosing their bats. To quote, aspects like covered or uncovered area, number of grains, Grades of the willow, shape, size, and weight play an important role in selecting the right cricket bat. As the game is played with various versions of Test, ODI and 20/20, bats are designed as per these versions of the game. Twenty-Twenty format bats are in great demand as this version has seen a phenomenal growth in the recent times.

As a general thumb rule, a buyer has to pick the right cricket bat that fits into his or her style of play. For a perfect stroke play, one has to choose the right bat that helps to improve the game, and leading International batsmen prefer these sorts of bats. On the other hand, bats are available for the ‘big hitters’ especially for the players who play the shorter version of the game like limited over cricket or 20/20. While buying the new bats, the aspects like size, material, and feel are the main factors that need to be focused on the buyers.

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