Football Passing Drills For Kids

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Football practice sessions for young children need to be simple yet effective and yet more about fun and enjoying the game. Any kind of rigorousness or monotony will result in children being rebellious about attending practice sessions and lack of interest. Football, after all, is a game, and children should first be allowed to enjoy it while they learn more about it. Children, in general, are curious about everything around them and as a result of this curiosity, their attention spans are very short lived. Coaches need to catch their short attention spans with skill and encourage them to learn and practice.

Young children only need to be introduced to the basic techniques of the game like dribbling, kicking, shooting and passing the ball. The practice session for beginners must focus upon acquainting children with the ball to boost their confidence to tackle it. Each child should have a ball to play with. Football passing drills are taken in the good sport as it gives the children a chance to communicate with each other and pass the ball around. Any drill must not be practiced for more than 10-15 minutes as children will soon lose interest, instead, each drill may be modified a little to teach them better.

For football passing drills it would be ideal to team them up. Here are a few ideas of football passing drills. Initially, children may be paired up to practice passing the ball between each other. Gradually the distance between the two players in a pair can be increased to practice longer shots. After enough practice sessions, this can be upgraded to getting the players to pass the ball to each other across two cones without hitting the cones. This will teach them to use the first touch to change the direction of the ball and to create space. Cones may be further used to increase obstacles and to teach them to bypass them. Players may pass the ball to each other with a number of obstacles placed in a fixed space.

Players may be arranged on four corners of a rectangle and pass the ball diagonally in a zig zag pattern to practice longer passes. Players may even form a circle with one player standing in the middle who calls for the ball from any player in the circle. The players each control and pass the ball to each other.

Football passing drills can be innovative and the coach may come up with any of numerous ideas to make the game more interactive and fun for the participants. As the practice sessions, progress and children begin to master basic technique the number of players in each team may be increased to reduce the number of teams. Members of each team may be called out to come meet the ball from a central player or opposite team. Players may even be given numbers to pass the ball to another number that might be called out randomly or in number order. Remember to keep each drill short but effective and most of all enjoyable and fun.

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