Know The Organs That Affect Due To Obesity

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The root causes of obesity are many, and hence it cannot be described in this short write up. As stated by term obesity is not about adding layers of fat in your middle region. It is mainly due to the consequences of various other aspects of poor or wrong diet and devoid of body exercise. Interested readers can also see the website for getting more valuable inputs regarding the causes of obesity.

One should remember a fact here that our body has a very complex biochemistry, where many of the functions of our inner organs are related to our physical and mental health conditions. When it comes to obesity, it is considered to be a severe health disorder that occurs due to the excessive formation and deposition of fat in the body. Medical experts describe this condition can affect the overall health in many ways through different stages. They categorize them as endocrine, hypothalamic, and nutritional obesity. However, all these forms of obesity show abnormalities of the hypothalamus that develop initially or in the course of the disease.

Any excess fat tissue deposited in the body needs oxygen to stay alive. This simply means, your heart needs to recruit more blood vessels to deliver the blood to the fat tissues. When more fats are deposited in the arteries, it gets thickened and reduces the rate of blood flow and making the heart to work harder in order to maintain a constant blood pressure. The thickening of the arteries is known as Atherosclerosis is ten times more common with the obese individuals than the normal persons. Such condition the heart has a great impact on it due to the obesity and at the same time increasing the risk of blood clotting which affects overall health.

Obesity increases the chance of colon cancer in both men and women. Though the relationship is still a mystery, findings have proved that there is a correlation between the digestive system and the immune-related diseases since a major portion of bacteria live in the gut. Let us see the link between the obesity and the brain. The link between the body and the mind is not a new subject. The medical finding has proved that the white matter surrounding the brain is responsible for sending the signals to the other organs. It has been found the while matter is getting damaged by the obese people and hence the signals sent from the brain are distorted.

Readers need to understand a simple logic here while knowing about the impact of obesity on the other internal organs as described in the above write up. Obesity occurs when there is an imbalance between the built-up energy and the expended energy during the entire day. When the body uses less energy received from the external source, it is stored in the form fat. The real causes of the obesity are poor diet, less sleep, heredity factors and disorder of the endocrine system. It has been found even the lungs have a great impact on the obesity.

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